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You do not need to be a member of Green Peace or a slave to the many environmental issues of the day to prompt a move towards all natural cleaning products. There are many selfish reasons to make you cleaning Eco friendly too.

Okay, sending less pollutants to landfill, water treatment facilities and our septic tanks is a great idea. But, I do not think for a moment that all us have such noble concerns as the future of the planet on our minds all the time. I think that for many people the scale of world problems and possible impending doom is actually just too big to deal with. We cannot save every person, animal or plant that needs saving so we end up doing very little. Green fatigue is a natural response to so much negative information.

While it would be lovely if everyone tried to help the planet that little bit more, I think, there has to be more in it for us. Humans are motivated by selfish interests. That is the natural order, and much as we try to over-ride this selfishness lets be honest, what affects us and our family tends to be the most important issue of the day. No matter how many green activists tell us the fate of the planet rests on whether we switch to safe detergent, most of us stop listening.

So, just for a moment, forget about poisoned water tables or diseased aquatic life and focus on your family. The reason you should make your cleaning Eco friendly is to improve the safety and long term health outlook of those you care about. You clean your house with a multitude of different products. Some, may well be benign, others can have serious implications for your own health. For your own long-term health and that of your family a switch towards Eco cleaners is a great idea.

The average conventional cleaner has lots of components, all tested and researched to ensure they can be used safely by us. But, hand on heart – how many of us actually follow all of the instructions contained on the back of a bottle of cleaner? Most of the time I am sure we do. But, what about when we are in a rush? Or, its too cold and windy to keep all the doors and windows open to ensure a thoroughly well-ventilated space? Plus, a lot of us are guilty of the cardinal sin of mixing our cleaning products. Maybe we don’t mean too, but one thing doesn’t work so we squeeze something else on. Or, we might not even realise that using a bleach based product in the bathroom where we’ve just used ammonia in the toilet bowl is producing a nasty cocktail of chloramine gas as the fumes mix together.

So many people have a reaction to cleaning products it makes sense to move towards safe household cleaners rather than those that make our eyes run, throat sore and may well be doing us long-term damage.

Forget about the environment and make your cleaning Eco friendly so you live a healthier life. Then, you will be around longer and can start worrying about the rest of the world another day!

For more information on choosing a simple green cleaner and how to make your cleaning Eco friendly see our Eco Green Cleaning Products site.

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