7 Eco Friendly Ways to Go Green For Free!

Article by Roz Green

Let’s face it many Americans want to be more green in their daily living, but don’t know where to start. A lot of the most publicized eco friendly changes are often times quite costly. I know because I was one of those Americans. So I have put together 7 simple ways to go green without spending a day.

1. Turn things off – Sounds so simple, yet rarely done. You can save energy by simply flipping a switch. Try this for 30 days, start turning off appliances, lights, etc. when not in use and develop a new energy saving habit.

Skip the Heated Dry Cycle on you Dishwasher – Allow your dishes to air dry right inside the dishwasher. Some may argue that washing dishes by hand is more energy efficient, but as it turns out using an Energy Star dishwasher is actually more energy efficient and more water-wise then washing dishes by hand.

Take Shorter Showers – When showering, particularly log showers you are using several gallons of water. Obviously shorter showers use less than log luxurious showers. Even baths in a shallow tub is more efficient because you’re using a fixed amount of water.

Donate Your Old Magazines – Magazines can be recycled in curbside bins, but why not donate them to libraries, hospitals or doctor offices. You can even use them as wrapping paper.

Clean your Refrigerator Coils – If your refrigerator has coils on the back, once or twice a year you’ll need to turn your refrigerator off and to clean those coils. Cleaning those coils enables your refrigerator to operate more efficiently.

Put On a Sweater – Finding an optimal temperature is a challenge in itself, but reducing the thermostat a few degrees can reduce use as well as raising your temperature when cooling.

Wash Full Loads of Clothes in Cold Water – Most detergents work well with cold water have have specific detergents designed to work in cold water. Even if you wash with warm water, you’re saving more energy then if you were washing in hot water. Lastly, only wash full loads.

So there you have it, these few tips for environmentally friendly living can be done by anyone that wants to make a positive change for the environment. These small changes can make a big impact on the environment and impact the environment greatly.

About the Author

Roz Green is woman trying to live a more eco friendly and green life. For more information check out my site or email me at RozSpeak@ymail.com.