7 Eco Friendly Ways to Go Green For Free!

Article by Roz Green

Let’s face it many Americans want to be more green in their daily living, but don’t know where to start. A lot of the most publicized eco friendly changes are often times quite costly. I know because I was one of those Americans. So I have put together 7 simple ways to go green without spending a day.

1. Turn things off – Sounds so simple, yet rarely done. You can save energy by simply flipping a switch. Try this for 30 days, start turning off appliances, lights, etc. when not in use and develop a new energy saving habit.

Skip the Heated Dry Cycle on you Dishwasher – Allow your dishes to air dry right inside the dishwasher. Some may argue that washing dishes by hand is more energy efficient, but as it turns out using an Energy Star dishwasher is actually more energy efficient and more water-wise then washing dishes by hand.

Take Shorter Showers – When showering, particularly log showers you are using several gallons of water. Obviously shorter showers use less than log luxurious showers. Even baths in a shallow tub is more efficient because you’re using a fixed amount of water.

Donate Your Old Magazines – Magazines can be recycled in curbside bins, but why not donate them to libraries, hospitals or doctor offices. You can even use them as wrapping paper.

Clean your Refrigerator Coils – If your refrigerator has coils on the back, once or twice a year you’ll need to turn your refrigerator off and to clean those coils. Cleaning those coils enables your refrigerator to operate more efficiently.

Put On a Sweater – Finding an optimal temperature is a challenge in itself, but reducing the thermostat a few degrees can reduce use as well as raising your temperature when cooling.

Wash Full Loads of Clothes in Cold Water – Most detergents work well with cold water have have specific detergents designed to work in cold water. Even if you wash with warm water, you’re saving more energy then if you were washing in hot water. Lastly, only wash full loads.

So there you have it, these few tips for environmentally friendly living can be done by anyone that wants to make a positive change for the environment. These small changes can make a big impact on the environment and impact the environment greatly.

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Roz Green is woman trying to live a more eco friendly and green life. For more information check out my site or email me at RozSpeak@ymail.com.

Is E85 or Ethanol More Eco friendly?

Article by CE’s ECO

Is E85 or Ethanol More Eco friendly?

CE’s ECO Go Green
This is our inheritance to our kids and their kids.

“Watch the Clip at the end of this post its great, high school kids building electric cars”

With gas prices soaring in the spring and summer of 2008 consumers and auto manufactures were forced to find alternate means of filling up at the pump. Nothing gets everyone’s attention better than hitting the pocket book. But needless to say now that price’s have dropped back down to a 5 year low, we may be lulled back to sleep about the implications of not changing our habits. The automotive industry was slapped again earlier this week by Senate not approving their bailout funds they were requesting. This industry needs to change with the times. Fossil fuels are a thing of the past the combustion engine as we know it has not really changed in more than 50 plus years. Yes it has become more efficient, but really in essence you put gas in the car burns it and emits a rash of nasty chemicals out in to our breathing air.

E85 or flex-fuel was created as a stop gap (IMO). Ethanol “a grain alcohol” usually made from corn, sugarcane, wheat, barley, and potatoes. (hey, sounds like hooch made during prohibition) and actually the process is similar to making moonshine. Great this is a fuel made from renewable resources. Yes but take a quick look at the impact of this renewable resource. The fields that are being used to grow the resources to make this form of energy are now not able to produce crops for our consumption or for the consumption of our cattle. This in turn increases the price of our food if these spaces are reserved for creating fuels for our cars. And that is a never ending vicious circle that will continue to spiral till either the fuel becomes too expensive or the cost of food for our consumption gets out of hand as well.

Ethanol burns cleaner than fossil fuels due to the fact that its chemical structure contains a lot of oxygen. And it does reduce greenhouse emissions when mixed with regular gasoline. Also when mixed with gasoline with a ratio of 10-90 (called E10) reduces the amount of gasoline we consume which reduces our dependency on foreign sources. But with all of that in mind there just is not as much energy in ethanol as there is in gasoline. It takes more consumption of ethanol to go 1 mile than it does for gasoline. Also farmers that grow these crops must expend energy to harvest and transport to provide the resource for the fuel. And as said be for these areas reserved for this venture are no longer available for our food sources.

So what do we do? Solar energy? Wind Energy? Electric Cars? I don’t know see what these folks do you never know what will happen in the future. Several good things will be on the out look for people utilizing real renewable energy sources that do not have an impact on our food supply or reliance on foreign oil. Tax rebates from the Government, rebates for green power from the electric company. And above all a future for our children and grandchildren.

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We do need to do something soon to continue to live the way we do with out depending on fossil fuels. This is why I started this.

Make Your Cleaning Eco Friendly for You

Article by Eco Girl

You do not need to be a member of Green Peace or a slave to the many environmental issues of the day to prompt a move towards all natural cleaning products. There are many selfish reasons to make you cleaning Eco friendly too.

Okay, sending less pollutants to landfill, water treatment facilities and our septic tanks is a great idea. But, I do not think for a moment that all us have such noble concerns as the future of the planet on our minds all the time. I think that for many people the scale of world problems and possible impending doom is actually just too big to deal with. We cannot save every person, animal or plant that needs saving so we end up doing very little. Green fatigue is a natural response to so much negative information.

While it would be lovely if everyone tried to help the planet that little bit more, I think, there has to be more in it for us. Humans are motivated by selfish interests. That is the natural order, and much as we try to over-ride this selfishness lets be honest, what affects us and our family tends to be the most important issue of the day. No matter how many green activists tell us the fate of the planet rests on whether we switch to safe detergent, most of us stop listening.

So, just for a moment, forget about poisoned water tables or diseased aquatic life and focus on your family. The reason you should make your cleaning Eco friendly is to improve the safety and long term health outlook of those you care about. You clean your house with a multitude of different products. Some, may well be benign, others can have serious implications for your own health. For your own long-term health and that of your family a switch towards Eco cleaners is a great idea.

The average conventional cleaner has lots of components, all tested and researched to ensure they can be used safely by us. But, hand on heart – how many of us actually follow all of the instructions contained on the back of a bottle of cleaner? Most of the time I am sure we do. But, what about when we are in a rush? Or, its too cold and windy to keep all the doors and windows open to ensure a thoroughly well-ventilated space? Plus, a lot of us are guilty of the cardinal sin of mixing our cleaning products. Maybe we don’t mean too, but one thing doesn’t work so we squeeze something else on. Or, we might not even realise that using a bleach based product in the bathroom where we’ve just used ammonia in the toilet bowl is producing a nasty cocktail of chloramine gas as the fumes mix together.

So many people have a reaction to cleaning products it makes sense to move towards safe household cleaners rather than those that make our eyes run, throat sore and may well be doing us long-term damage.

Forget about the environment and make your cleaning Eco friendly so you live a healthier life. Then, you will be around longer and can start worrying about the rest of the world another day!

For more information on choosing a simple green cleaner and how to make your cleaning Eco friendly see our Eco Green Cleaning Products site.

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