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Article by Peter Bankss

Traditional energy sources such as oil, coal and natural gas, derived from fossil fuels are used to meet the energy needs of most of the world. Due to the rising cost of gas and heating oil prices, concerns as to how long the supply of fossil fuels can last, and a strong desire to be more self sufficient and less dependent on fossil fuels, the global community has been focusing more and more on alternative energy sources.

Technology used to harness the power of renewable energy sources such as solar energy , wind power, geothermal power and biomass has advanced considerably in recent years. All of these options for alternative energy are now more economically viable than every before. Due to the recent explosion in interest in alternative energy and the increased amount of time and money spent on research and development of alternative energy technology, it is an excellent time to invest in alternative energy funds.

There are many companies that focus primarily on investing in alternative energy funds. The Guinness Atkinson Alternative Fund is a long term fund that invests in equity securities of companies that work with alternative energy or alternative energy technologies. Alternative energy funds with Guinness Atkinson Alternative Fund invests in 40-60 stocks of global companies that use get than 50% of their revenue from alternative energy. This company which focuses on technologies that enable exploration of the potential of alternative energy has seen monumental gains in their alternative energy funds in recent periods.

New Alternatives Fund, which is largely committed to alternative energy, is another alternative energy fund that is doing very well and has seen incredible gains in recent quarters. Many experts believe that we are experiencing an alternative energy revolution that will continue to gain in momentum with increasing technologies and advancement and feel that there could not be a better time to invest in alternative energy funds.

Firsthand Alternative Energy Fund also helps clients with investing in alternative energy funds and specializes in solar, wind, biomass, fuel cells, efficiency and technologies of alternative energy. They feel that alternative energy is an important and promising area to invest in.

Calvert Global Energy Fund is a company that introduced their Calvert Global Alternative Energy Fund in 2007. They focus on active management of all alternative energy funds and employ an active and diverse management approach with financial research analysts and portfolio managers.

The Calvert Global Energy Fund is handled by money managers with exceptional expertise and they also focus on sustainable research for long-term rewards for investors. They invest at least 80% of assets into alternative energy companies. Many companies also offer investment kits to make investing easy and help people get started with alternative energy funds .

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